Heritage tree  -Silver linden  (Tilia tomentosa) - Park Wadów

Name and surname: Silver linden  (
Tilia tomentosa)

Family: Heritage tree 

Occupation: Retired nature protection specialist 

Place of residence: Park Wadów

Dimensions: Height: 20-25m,  Circumference: 559cm,  Crown diameter: 19m (I have a dense canopy) 

Special attributes: Captivating scent 

Interests: Observation of people and animals, especially pollinating insects 

What I don't like: When someone intrudes upon my personal space 

What I like: Greenery around me and the care that surrounds me with the help of Krakow Municipal Greenspace Authority

Plans for the future: I'm not going anywhere. I am an old tree and have seen and heard many stories in my life. It is time for my retirement, during which I will be a babysitter for animals, plants and mushrooms. 

Take care of the place where I stand because I deserve respect. In return, I will remain here for years so that we can look at Krakow together.